Do you have an amazing idea to submit?  Maybe a Reality TV idea, show concept, or something else?  

We would love to hear what you've conjured up and will tell you immediately if your idea is viable for us.  We are looking for proprietary, unique, specific, strange, loud, colorful, jaw-dropping, laughable, one-of-kind, inspiring, transformational, in-depth television rights -- something that only exists because YOU have it, or can get it.  A business, a family, an individual, a process, and journey -- anything that you haven't seen and isn't just a derivative of something else, we want to read/hear/see. Please keep in mind that any formats or ideas which are non-proprietary and purely conceptual or general will most likely be similar, if not the same, to something we are already developing, either for a current or future show.  We are specifically looking for something that can only be done because YOU have the rights (or can in turn have us get the rights).  You have the crazy bounty hunter with the mullet who prays with the drug dealers before putting them in prison.  You have the business that sells the most expensive prom dresses in New Jersey to spoiled teens.  You have the mayor of a small town and his staff signed up and wanting to do a show.  You know the family who is selling all their houses and cars and moving into the wilderness to get back to nature.  You know the number one expert in his field, sport, business; the three sisters who just married three brothers; the college guys going to Vegas to win a million or go home broke; the woman who trains dogs to ????  THAT is what we're looking for.  

We know how to develop, sell, and produce the hell out of a show.  We are successful at it.  But YOU are our eyes and ears.  And there's a big show idea right next to you... perhaps literally across the street. So we'd love to hear from you and make you a deal!  Let's make a great TV show.

Submission Release

This reality television show idea that I am submitting via this website (the "Proposal") is submitted by me for your review and consideration by 100 Percent Terry Cloth, Inc. ("100"). I understand that the execution of this release is necessary before 100 will review the Proposal, and I represent and agree as follows:

1. I own or control the Proposal. I have the full and exclusive right to submit the Proposal to 100 and no other person or corporation has any right, title or interest in the Proposal inconsistent with my rights to develop and license the Proposal. If I am submitting the Proposal on behalf of a corporation that owns the Proposal, I have the authority to bind such corporation. The Proposal is not defamatory and does not infringe upon or violate the privacy rights, copyrights, trademarks, publicity or other intellectual or proprietary rights of any third party.

2. 100 has not made any promise or representation to me about the Proposal, and has no obligation to use the Proposal in any way. There is no agreement, written or oral, express or implied, between me and 100 concerning the Proposal, other than this release.

3. 100 will give the Proposal only the consideration that 100 in its sole and absolute discretion determines is appropriate.

4. 100 does not accept any obligation of confidentiality with respect to the Proposal. 100 has the right to copy, use, and distribute the Proposal for the purpose of its evaluation and review. I have kept a copy of the Proposal. 100 has no obligation to return the Proposal to me and is not responsible for any loss or damage to the Proposal.

5. 100 may have already and may in the future receive or independently develop materials identical to or similar to the Proposal. 100 has the unrestricted right to use these identical/similar materials, so long as these identical/similar materials are pure coincidence, and I will have no right or recourse against 100 for use of these identical/similar materials.

I agree to the above Submission Release via electronic signature by GOING HERE and filling out the required information.