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First, this isn't for everyone.

Some people aren't at a place yet where they're ready to take advantage of the stategy and optimization I preach. Although they'll find it motivating and inspirational, if they're not ready to immediately implement an actionable process and approach to their pursuits and goals, they'd be better off first reading/listening to my book (more economical too!).

I don't want to waste your time or mine. And I certainly don't want to take your money if I can't give you immediate tools to upgrade your situation.

But this might be for you if...

You're an entrepreneur, business owner, self-starter, work-at-home side-hustler, professional, or unfulfilled go-getter looking for meaningful success or new direction.

I've consulted and helped hundreds of people seeking peak performance from athletes to CEOs, celebrities to first-time kick-starters, physicians to lawyers, and real estate developers to costume designers (you can read more detail on the book or execs page).

So why me?

With a stronghold in Hollywood as a Producer, an owner of a mortgage company, and a background in business, I've lived at the intersection of creation, finance, and management. I've built all of my own companies, supervised hundreds of employees, and been in the trenches where optimization of input, process, and approach is everything.

It's a competitive world, but sometimes we're mindlessly competing with ourselves. As I learn about you and your unique situation, I can find the path of least resistance for you to achieve your passions, and more importantly... your purpose.

My emphasis is on finance and the bottom line for you to ultimately make yourself money. But often the obvious route to that isn't the best one. That's where I come in to dive deep into your world (as much as you'll reveal) to give you perspective and ultimately transformation.

As a producer, I do this all day long, creating real, flawed characters who become the hero of their own lives. And in real estate, I see the nitty gritty of tax returns, balance sheets, and credit reports. Numbers tell an incredible story. I can help rewrite that story so you can Produce Yourself.

What does this cost?

My fees are as varied and unique as your situation. Some of my favorite clients weren't charged a penny, because we ultimately became collaborators or even went into business together!

Some people just need a deep 2-hour phone or FaceTime session. Some need a 6-week, once-a-week process. And others need more of a once-a-month analysis over a year.

Again, if I can't help you or provide value, I won't charge you. So the best way to get a quote is to email me.

EMAIL ME HERE and tell me your situation.

It won't cost you anything to reach out. I'll get back to you within 72 hours (note: this email is for Strategy Sessions. To pitch show ideas to our company, you need to go here).

In Closing

If I think you're a good candidate to consult, I'll let you know. I don't accept everyone, because not everyone is ready yet for this level of advisement. That's why you don't see paypal or venmo buttons here. I don't want you to prepay for something I can't deliver. But if I determine there's a clear path for you to substantially upgrade and optimize your situation, you'll get a quote from me.

Thank you!

Terence Michael

100 Percent Terry Cloth, Inc.