Executive Producers
Terence Michael
Gordon Gilbertson

Created by Terence Michael

Actor Tom Sizemore was on top of the world.   According to NBC's "Dateline" interview with him, Tom was making $10 to $15 million dollars a year, having earned numerous accolades working with A-list directors like Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott in movies such as "Heat," "Black Hawk Down," "Pearl Harbor," and "Saving Private Ryan."  With his $3 million dollar Beverly Hills home and power Hollywood friends, Tom was the ultimate threat -- rich, successful, good-looking, and hugely talented.  In Tom's own words, "I was a hair's breath away from  being a major star."

But one domestic violence conviction from ex-girlfriend Heidi Fleiss (ex Hollywood Madam), and Tom's life quickly spiraled out of control.  Suddenly he was faced with failed drug tests, becoming a laughing stock for admittedly using the Whizzinator (fake penis), outrageous courtroom behavior, and facing a 3-year sentence in State Prison for violating probation.   He lost his Beverly Hills mansion, his $5 million per picture offers (and a $42 million bonus... had he finished his "Homicide: Robbery Division" CBS series as co-creator and co-owner of the show), and what everyone thought was a brilliant career as on onscreen bad-boy.  

Now, Tom is sitting in a rehab center in Pasadena under the care of Dr. Drew ("Love Line") sweating out his life-threatening addiction to drugs.   To make matters worse, sex-tapes (another addiction he admits) have most-recently surfaced on the internet with Tom participating in graphic orgies.

Robert De Niro, Sean Penn, Val Kilmer, Robert Downey, Jr., Charlie Sheen, and
Benecio Del Toro are just some of the Hollywood bad-boys who Tom calls "friend."   With their help, and countless other celebrities who believe in him and have been by his side throughout this very-public "ordeal" and humiliation, Tom is determined to take his life back.  With no money to his name, Tom intends to -- step-by-step -- take control again and get his life back!    He will be back on his game making millions of dollars and earning that Oscar.   He will get his beloved Beverly Hills house back out of bankruptcy court, get his twin kids off of Welfare and into his life, be cleared of his drug probation, revert the bad-boy reputation to on-screen only (hopefully), and most importantly, make his parents proud of him again.   This is the Behind the Scenes -- True Life Hollywood Story as it unfolds in real time, in true documentary/reality style.

"Tom is the most gifted actor of his generation."
- Robert De Niro