Jesse Bradford

Brad Rowe

Giovanni Ribisi

Adam Goldberg


Mia Kirshner

"According To Spencer"

This is a romantic comedy, yes, but not your typical one. It is the story of a young guy, Spencer Gold. He has been living at his parent's house at the age of 25 and decides to move out to Los Angeles to work in the mailroom at a mid-size ad agency. There he runs into the girl, who he's been in love with since they were in elementary school together, Melora. The two of them start to rehash their friendship from back in the eighties. Melora is dating Craig, who is an incredible guy, he "just can give you 70%, I don't give anyone 70%." All Spencer gives her as they form their friendship is room to be the incredible person and writer that she wants to be. Spencer moves into a run-down mansion, soon after he gets this job to live with two guys, Feldy and Ezra. They are in the process of making an "art film", but really a porno. They bring Spencer into this crazy world of change and new ideas that end up giving him inspiration to get out of the mailroom and shoot his own spec commercial. This doesn't land him a grand promotion but only a dinky little assistant job. Melora takes a journey all her own, going back and forth between her friendship with Spencer and her relationship with Craig, in the end leaving Craig and finishing the play that she's always wanted to write. She ends up coming back to Spencer, "the nice guy" and start the beginnings of a wonderful relationship. This isn't your typical love story, 
where the guy isn't the one who wants to commit but rather one where the guy 
wants to commit and find his passion.
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