Joe (Eric Schaeffer) confronts Bwick (Ben Stiller) when he discovers Bwick is dating Lucy (Sarah Jessica Parker).  This scene only made it to the cutting room floor, but had one of the funniest monologues by Ben Stiller

The crew stands in front of the infamous countdown calendar when Joe and Lucy decide to kill themselves if they don't both find true love in 30 days.  Director of Photography Ron Fortunato (far right) isn't sure he likes all of the white walls.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Elle MacPherson take direction from Eric Schaeffer

Terence Michael became the taxi for Scarlett Johansson

Ben Stiller's Bwick drops off Lucy at her apartment.

Terence Michael hears Musician Amanda Kravat for the first time as she performs in the East Village's Bitter End bar.  Eric Schaeffer insisted she do the enitre soundtrack.  During postproduction, Amanda's band "Mary Me Jane" was signed to a multi-record deal with Sony 550 Music.

Eric Schaeffer, in Central Park, framing shots on a tech scout.  We never ended up using this particular one

Terence Michael listens in to Eric Schaeffer's direction for Sarah Jessica Parker
in the face painting scene

Elle Macpherson puts on her happy face in the make-up room

Eric Schaeffer and Elle Macpherson pose during a date scene where they walk and talk on 5th Avenue in front of the Plaza Hotel and FAO Schwartz.  The scene ultimately ended up on the cutting room floor

Dianne Struass (Location Manager), Adam Brightman (Production Manager), Marco Black (1st Assistant Director), Eric Schaeffer (writer, director, actor), and Ron Fortunato (Director of Photography) scout the Brooklyn Bridge for the final scene of ths movie

Sarah Jessica Parker and Ben Stiller relax in between takes

Producers Deborah Ridpath and Terence Michael await a meeting with their first
set of investors at the Manhattan Club

Elle Macpherson poses off camera while the press quizes Sarah Jessica Parker

Eric Schaeffer reviews a scene at the replay monitor

Terence Michael and Ben Stiller during the photo shoot for the mock People Magazine

Entertainment Tonight interviews Elle, Sarah Jessica, and Eric in front of
FAO Schwartz

Sarah Jessica Parker waits for last minute lighting adjustments

Ben Stiller's Bwick character shows up in a mini sports car on his date with Lucy.
This scene didn't make it into the final version

Ben, Elle, and Terry relax in between set-ups

The first scene of the shoot, where Scarlett Johansson's Emily asks Lucy
out on a date for Ben Stiller's shy Bwick, hiding behind the post

Sarah Jessica and Terry having snacks

Eric talks to his school children

Elle and Terry after calling a wrap on the character of "Jane"

Eric enjoys the playback of the scene while still photographer Gene Page sneaks a peak

An all night shoot at the fountain in Central park

Musician Amanda Kravat and Terence Michael in Central Park,
waiting for Amanda's cameo

Sarah Jessica Parker catches the camera while Robert Burke
and Eric Schaeffer talk in the background

Joe sun bathes next to Al as he prepares for his big date with Jane

Terry and Sarah Jessica on the Brooklyn Bridge, the setting for the do-you-love-me-enough-to-swallow-my-spit scene between Lucy and Joe

Sarah Jessica Parker and Eric Schaeffer get in character for the
final shot of the movie

(all pictures copyright and ownership of Terence Michael)