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"Just loved, loved "Love For Rent" which was one of the films viewed during my visit to

the New York's Latin Film Festival 2005. Fell in love with several of the cast members. Angie Cepeda was a delight to see and the singing of Martita Roca really rocked.

After the show's question and answer period, the audience was informed that a request for the soundtrack could be made by simply sending in an email."
Marjory from New York City





"Very funny, very sweet, very touching. Nice acting, nice script, congratulations."

Claudine Johnson


" Very nice film not only touches the subjects of surrogate motherhood and illegal immigrants, but also the topics of child abuse, adoption, and the constant struggle of the average person living in america. Congratulations, well done."

Archie from USA


" I recently saw a screening of this movie and I must say I wasn't expecting very much. So many factors were going against it. One- being that I'm a guy who hates "chick flix" and two - I had heard of none of the actors, aside from SNL alum Nora Dunn. And three – did I mention that I'm a guy? At the risk of having my manhood challenged I must say that I loved this movie! What a pleasant surprise! Now that I'm a college grad ready for the real world, maybe I'm getting more sensitive. I don't recall the last time I had seen such an engaging story with such endearing characters. I loved this movie! "

Perel from USA


"Very positive film. We disagree with religion which forbid surrogacy, they are not aware that we walk in the good works prepared for us beforehand (eph.2:10). Keep the film rolling.”

Pastor from CEG Ministry.


" I must say that this film was a beatiful surprise. I went to see the film with my wife and my 12 year old, we are fans of Martita Roca, and I must said she was great. Terrific film I am telling about this film to everyone I know."

Rick and Lisa Jones.


"I am a catholic priest in Chicago . I saw the film at the festival with other priests on the area. We all enjoyed the film but agreed we had miss feelings on the surrogate mother issue. Although we don´t consent on surrogacy, we must say your film will bring a positive message to our community. Congratulations"

Catholic Priest, Chicago


" Wow, this film is so true, I was married once to get the green card, and basically I saw my self like Sofia, all the things she went thru... I didn't get the $50,000 offer... I wish I had. :-) "

Clara Salas, Miami.


" I loved your film, I saw it at the San Diego Film Festival, and I was one of the guys who asked for the budget of the film. Love for Rent looks like a higher budget film... Good luck with it! "

Dick Bravatta, Indie Director, San Francisco


" I saw this film in Cartagena Film Festival and it was very nice to see Angie Cepeda acting in English I am very proud to see her on a major role and acting so well... I love the 6 year old kid too! Congratulations."

Carla Gomez, Cartagena - Colombia.


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