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Love for Rent tells the romantic story of Sofia (Angie Cepeda), a college student struggling to handle immigration issues in Los Angeles, financial difficulties, and an unusual proposal, which changes her life completely. The life that Sofia has come to know starts to fall apart, her heart, strong will and her determination are tested more than ever.


In huge debt and striving to take care of herself, law student Sofia feels her controlled life is slipping away. Her vengeful husband, whom she married to obtain her Green Card, steals all her belongings over night and threatens to file for divorce, which would result in Sofia's deportation back to her home country Colombia. The only person bringing some kind of joy into Sofia's life is six-year old Max (Max Wolf Burkholder), who lives next door with his uncaring foster parents.


After a chain of comical coincidences, Sofia meets Frank and Helen Bauman (Jim Piddock, Nora Dunn), a wealthy and eccentric couple unable to have a baby of their own. Their greatest wish to have an heir results in a proposition that Sofia cannot resist. Seeing it as the answer to all her troubles, Sofia agrees to rent her body and her soul and become a surrogate mother to the Baumans for $50,000.


Throughout her pregnancy, Sofia's cousin and best friend Monica (Martita Roca) and her husband George (Richard Speight Jr.), are by her side. Monica is a delightfully outspoken character, and a great source of encouragement and support to Sofia, helping her endure the strange yet comical and amusing rituals that the Baumans put her through to ensure a perfectly healthy baby. George, adds humor to the story by his dull-witted remarks and dumbfounding actions.

In the beginning of her pregnancy, Sofia meets Neil (Ken Marino), a doctor who simply adores her, but has his own personal issues to deal with. As the pregnancy progresses, Sofia cannot find the courage to tell Neil about her "business transaction" with the Baumans, leading to even more confusion and disappointment. Devastated, helpless, and scared, Sofia struggles to overcome her misfortune; she forges ahead, determined to do the best she can. When Sofia goes into labor - panicking and alone - who will she call on for help? Will Sofia be able to re-gain control of her life?

Love for Rent is a delightfully captivating tale of love, life, and overcoming obstacles. Share the emotions, appealing characters, and humorously displayed chain of events that will leave you believing in true love again.