"FALL" is a sexy, passionate comedy about a New York City cab driver (writer/director Eric Schaeffer) who meets, pursues, and falls for the infamous, and very married, supermodel, Sarah Easton (British model-turned actress Amanda De Cadenet).

Although Michael is fortunate to have actually picked up Sarah on his cab route and ask her to dinner, his confident charm and witty persuasion can’t surmount the unavailable, jaded model.  She reminds him of the amusing odds:  He is a bohemian cab driver  -- charming, but from a completely different world.  She is an uptown, married woman and will ultimately break his heart.  "I never fall in love," he confesses.  "This time you would," she retorts. 

While having coffee with his two best friends; Robin and Sally -- who plead and rationalize with him to forget about Sarah Easton --  Michael serendipitously stumbles into her again.  After further explanation that Sarah is absolutely in love with her husband and will never ever leave him, she jumps into a cab, telling Michael that this was only an accident.  "The only accident is you leaving," he says solemnly as he returns to the company of his friends. 

Sarah is the most beautiful woman Michael has ever seen.  He is totally smitten by her presence.  Through his tenacious, unrelenting pursuits -- which include his poetic love letters delivered by the fax fairy -- his passion eventually wins her over. 

Whether it’s delivering gifts to her at the airport, sending 1,000 red roses to her hotel room in Milan, or making love to her on his kitchen floor, Michael's passion and charm begins to emotionally affect Sarah's dubious relationship with her husband, Phillipe.  But as much as she enjoys eating Chinese food on Michael's floor and talking about God, Sarah cannot leave Phillipe. 

And so, against all advice and rational judgment from friends and family, Michael and Sarah begin their spontaneously dangerous affair, dragging the two through each other's worlds of wisdom, love and pain.