Director Eric Schaeffer on Fifth Avenue setting up for the scene where Michael picks up
Sarah in his cab for the first time.

Executive Producer Tom Gamble, Line Producer James Bradney, and Producer Terence Michael
discuss Fall's shooting schedule

Eric Schaeffer, wearing both Directing and Acting hats, frames the shot and
then meditates, getting into character

Amanda DeCadenet and Rudolph Martin pose for the Prop Pictures
used in their apartment scenes

Amanda DeCadenet's "Sarah" hails a cab to head uptown.  Eric Schaeffer's
"Michael" picks her up, and the love story begins

Assistant Directors Julie Noll and John Doby discuss changes with Terence Michael

Tech scouting the upper west side for shots

Tech scouting the Concord for a scene where "Michael" considers jumping after seeing "Sarah" with her husband.  The scene was later cut from the film

Our models getting ready for the Fashion Show scenes where Michael sneaks in
to meet Sarah for their first date

World famous celebrity Hair Stylist John Sahag experiments with
Amanda's hair for the big Fashion Show scenes

Now that's a lot of extras for one scene!!!

To "cheat" for the fall season, our art department had to improvise on the bare trees

Setting up for a couple of complicated crane scenes at the Cab headquarters

Eric and Amanda rehearse their lines on 5th Avenue

Rigging the cab for the nightime drive in the rain

Vadim Frumin, our Key Grip, works the crane

The loft we used for Sarah's apartment

The post-fight scene in Sarah's loft

Dawn Wolfrom and Terence Michael

Terence Michael, his assistant Claire Mark, David Gahan of Depeche Mode,
and Eric Schaeffer's assistant Miriam Noel