The Team (more crew pics)

MTV's Duets is a half-hour television show where we pair the ultimate fan with his or her favorite artist.  From nation-wide casting, fans who have musical talent either send in their tapes or audition in front of our MTV crews in hopes of being selected as the one to record a duet with the artist.  Each episode profiles one artist and the final four fans as they tell the cameras why they should be the one chosen for this opportunity of a lifetime. 

Can you sing as well as the artist?  Prove it.








Usher picks Only One lucky fan out of thousands,
to take a fast and furious vocal lesson from Usher's
vocal coach, Jan Smith, to hang at his crib and record
a Duet with Usher in his own private studio

It's no Ordinary Day when Vanessa chooses a winner
out of thousands from around the World,  to get coached by the President of A&M Records, Ron Fair, fly to
New Yorkand perform a duet with Vanessa herself.

Foxy Brown needs a fan... to come to New York,
mix it up with Gavin her Producer & the Fox 5 crew,
to write lyrics and match her rhyme
in a one of a kind Duet -- Brooklyn style.

Blink 182 falls in love... with their fans.
But only one can come to the secret location
where they're recording their new album.
The winner gets to bash out a drum Duet with
Travis and tear it up with Blink 182 in a totally new version of an old Blink favorite.

Kick it with B2K as they choose a winner,
to get schooled by their Producer and Manager,
Chris Stokes, and to bump bump bump with B2K
to their very own Duet.




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