The first Punk-Rock Repo Wrecking Crew

Because that old beater car collecting rust in the driveway -- well... it's just a shame to not blow it up!


Dustin is the creator of the best-selling "Mischief" DVD series.  The car racing/stunt series takes him around and the world as he interviews and interacts with other car fanatics.  He has just signed his 5th Mischief movie with Warner Brothers this year.

"The Crazy White Guy"

Kenny currently has been hosting "Urban Stunt Bikers" in Europe for the last two years and is now entering the 3rd season.  He is the owner of the company Adrenalin Crew which did the motorcycle stunt work in "Biker boyz" and "Torque." He also has a DVD series through Warner Music Group.

"The Stunt Man"

Dado began racing back in 1992 with ATVs in Ecuador. He soon moved to the US at the age of 18, just in time for the car-craze to get big, and created a website which revolved around car-meets.   The popularity of this website grew exponentially as it was one of the first to showcase collections of motorsports videos.   Dado has now starred in many of the "Mischief" car-stunt movies and is finishing in the top place in Drifting competitions.

"The Mexican Mechanic"


24 years old, half mexican half spanish. Run a car customizing/performance shop in Rockville, Maryland. Been working with cars since high school. Have owned and built several award winning show/race cars. Currently working on Nissan project car to be used in drifting/road racing. Love drifting, racing, driving fast cars in general, and causing trouble wherever I go. What else might you want to know....???? I have a problem with falling asleep everywhere i go.....really, its almost like borderline narcolepsy!......Always willing to try new things, always have an opinion on something. Have been a part of the Teckademics Mischief DVD Series and have been featured in several automotive magazines/videos both for my work in the tuner industry and my car.