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60s Mid-Century Modern Pool House - 3 Bedrooms

House Rules


Check-in is at 3pm. In most cases, Claudia (your concierge, if you will) will meet you at the house upon arrival, explain where things are, how things work, and overall give you the sense of calm and security you want and need when you're on vacation. If you find yourself arriving late into the evening, that's fine: we’ll simply text or email you an entry code, and you can let yourself in. 

Check-out is 11am — one of the few areas we’re just like a hotel! Pretty standard. If you'd like a slightly later check-out, just check with us first, as we need to prepare for the other guests. Unlike a hotel, we’re flexible within reason. However, anything beyond a short time period, we’ll have to charge. Please inquire.


The pool is shallow and made for relaxing, floating and dipping -- not diving or horsing around. There is no lifeguard and you enter the pool entirely at your own risk (yes, our attorneys asked us to remind you, even though we felt it was obvious a shirtless guy in red shorts wasn’t sitting there). You are 100% liable for your actions and/or negligence in or around the pool. Please use extra caution, and never enter the pool without someone nearby for assistance.

Also, please keep all glassware (including bottles) away from the pool. If something should break near or in the pool, please clean it up immediately, and let us know so we can ensure there's no broken glass in the pool that can harm future guests. (NOTE: there is a $50/day heating fee if desired. Let us know in advance of your arrival, as it takes approximately 24 hours to heat the pool.)

Overnight Guests

We understand that for a whole variety of reasons you may want additional guests to stay in our home. We’re reasonable but please realize that in no instance will we allow more than 8 people to sleep in our home. This is a Palm Springs law, and one we will enforce without exception. If we stop by (which we occasionally do) and find that more than 8 people are sleeping in the home, we reserve the right to evict immediately, and without refund.


Being a family home, we have a no smoking policy. Many of our guests are allergic to smoke, so we thank you in advance for respecting them and not smoking anywhere indoors or near open windows. If you must smoke, please do so outdoors, far away from the windows, and obviously, please attend to your ashes, etc. It’s HOT out there, and it doesn’t take much to start a fire.

Off-limit Areas

There are no off-limit areas -- we hope you enjoy the entire house! But please, be respectful, gentle and kind. This is our personal home with a lot of our fun, personal things, so thank you for keeping our items safe for others to enjoy as well. We really appreciate the care you take in keeping everything nice.

Eating Areas

Please do not eat in the bedrooms. When eating outside, please try not to get any food on the pebble gravel in the front and backyards. We love the zen, raked pebble garden, and hope you do too! But it’s very difficult to clean breadcrumbs, etc. out of those areas.

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Please try to keep the home and yard as pristine and clean as it was when you arrived. If something should spill or break, there are cleaning supplies in the hallway near the laundry. 

For those staying more than just a few days, if you'd like to schedule an additional cleaning during your stay, just let us know, and we'll arrange. An additional cost of $195 will be applied to your bill (this is above and beyond the cleaning fee already incurred when you made your reservation).

Quiet Hours

If you’re coming to Palm Springs to party, you’ve picked a great city to do so. Unfortunately, just not at our home. Please respect our neighbors and neighborhood. You should never hear any music or noise beyond the perimeter of the house’s land. Just use common sense on your level of noise so as not to annoy the neighbors. Though we’re sure it won’t come to it, serious complaints of unruly behavior will unfortunately result in you being asked to leave immediately (with no refund). We don’t want you to leave. We want you to stay and we want you to come again! But the City of Palm Springs is pretty strict with disturbing neighbors behind the premises and they’ll yank our permit.

Gatherings or Parties

See above. Our permit with the City of Palm Springs is very clear: at no time can more than 8 people sleep over, and at no time can there be more than 12 people there (sleeping over or not). We want you to enjoy yourself but this is not a huge party house. Our home is in a quiet, upscale neighborhood -- it's perfect relaxing and chilling. If you want to party all night, you're just minutes from all the fun that Downtown and Uptown Palm Springs has to offer.


We don’t mind shoes in the house, as the floors are mostly all concrete. But if possible, please remove your shoes when hanging out in the carpeted family room for extended periods of time. Plus it’s just more comfortable anyway!


We generally don’t allow pets for obvious reasons. However, we love animals and totally get you not wanting to leave little fido at home. For us, this is a case-by-case basis depending on the animal. In general, if he or she is under 20 pounds, doesn’t shed, scratch, bark, etc., and is with you most of the time, we’ll consider it. Just inquire. There will be an extra $300 fully refundable damage deposit and a non-refundable $15 a day cleaning fee.


Please let us know if something breaks, be it glasses, plates, a loose towel rack, torn towel, etc. Chances are if it’s minor we wont even charge you. But trying to hide it will cut into your security deposit. As well, future guests will appreciate you letting us know of something we can fix before they arrive, even if it’s not your fault. We realize things happen and just want everything to work! Thank you.

Illegal Activity

This probably goes without saying, but our attorneys have asked us to say something… so please do not do anything that would be illegal in your own home. This includes but is not limited to illegal internet activity, drugs, prostitution, gambling, etc. Obviously, we may never know, but thank you for being smart about your stay.

Thank you!


Nearest Hospital
Desert Regional Medical Center, 1150 N. Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Fire Extinguishers Kitchen pantry

First Aid Kits Kitchen pantry

Fire Alarms Interior entry wall

Emergency Exits
Front entry door or sliding back door

Emergency Numbers
Medical: 911 Fire: 911

More Safety Information Pool

Police: 911