60s Mid-Century Modern Pool House - 3 Bedrooms


Kevo Smart Locks - No keys to keep track of, no keys to lose -- experience the convenience of using your smartphone as a key.

AppleTV- The television in the library/entertainment room is equipped with AppleTV. You can immediately access Netflix, HBOGo, NFL, Nat Geo TV, Hulu, PBS, PBS Kids, ABC, NBC, YouTube, and so much more. 

FireStick by Amazon - The master bedroom television is equipped with Amazon's amazing Firestick. Enjoy content from Netflix, YouTube, NBC, HBO, Fox, ESPN, Disney and Amazon Video -- plus watch live TV on CBS All Access, Sling TV and more. (This is the newest generation Firestick, equipped with Alexa Voice Remote -- with over 5000 channels, you should be able to find something good to watch...).

Blu-Ray DVD - The DVD player is located in the credenza in the entertainment room. It's simple to operate.

Music - Tivoli created the Model One to be the best AM/FM radio you’ve ever heard. The powerful tuner picks up stations other radios cannot, and a specialized frequency contour circuit automatically adjusts sound output even with less powerful signals. The single 3 inch long throw speaker delivers terrific mono sound, even at higher volumes. And if it was something other than radio you'd like to hear (duh), there's an auxiliary jack connection for your phone (compatible with all phones except the iPhone 7+).

BBQ - There's nothing quite like grilling up dinner against the backdrop of the sun setting behind the San Jacinto Mountains. It's definitely the stuff memories are made of.

Gas Fire Pit - Southern California locals know that even if daytime temperatures are high, nighttime temps often drop by 20 degrees. Our fire pit is an awesome way to enjoy the night air without catching a chill. Enjoy -- but please be careful!

Kitchen Basics - Rest assured -- we have caffeine. Lots of it -- black, green, herb. We're classic enablers... Beyond this, we also have all the cooking utensils, plates, glassware and silver ware necessary for a feast fit for a queen. 

Hammock - Best enjoyed with a glass of wine (just be careful not to spill!).

Nest Thermostat, by Google - Our smart thermostat should keep the home feeling comfortable, but if you want to adjust the temperature, just turn the outer ring to increase or decrease the temperature.

Fans - There are two Holmes Tower Fans, located in two of the three bedroom closets. Feel free to turn them on in your bedroom at night for an added bit of air circulation and white noise (all that desert silence can be deafening!). 

Pool - Get in. Get wet. Cool down. Dry off. Repeat.

Yard - Private -- and big! Notice there are no power lines? Believe it or not, most backyards in Palm Springs have all sorts of power and phone lines overhead. Not ours. All you see is blue sky, palm trees and those mountains (those mountains!).


Bedroom 1
Good art, soft sheets, nice pillows -- great combination.

Bedroom 2
This room has two twin beds -- great for little ones (as in kids), or two adults as well.

Bedroom 3
The Yellow Room -- bright, sunny and lovely.

Dining Room - If these walls could talk! Many a wine-drenched dinner party has this room seen. Please add to the rich history of the dining room by having a few bacchanalian feasts of your own.

Entertainment Room/Library - Art, books, DVDs, AppleTV -- minus sustenance, this room has virtually everything you'd need on that proverbial remote desert island.

Kitchen - Options are a good thing. You could grill outside, call UberEats -- or tap into your inner chef -- up to you. In any case, we have all the ladles, wisks, pots, pans, plates, glassware and utensils you'll need. Bon appetit, b’tayavon, buen provecho, qing man yong, buon appetito, bil hana wish shifa, guten appetit, kalí óreksi, jal meokkesseumnida, prijatnovo appetita and afiyet olsun!

Living Room - Relaxing, meditate, cuddle, nap -- however the spirit moves you. This room whispers, "Chill out here".