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Three men's lives are drastically changed after a baggage mix-up at the airport.  A 28-year-old man (Christian Leffler) re-evaluates his life and sheds his victim mentality, embracing life and learning to live in the moment. An old man (M. Emmet Walsh) with only six months to live tracks down an old high-school love (Mariette Hartley) and becomes reconciled with his family. A teenage boy (Spencer Vrooman) breaks free of his bad-news friend and begins to live his own life.

From a simple idea of one person accidentally picking up the wrong suitcase, Baggage gradually evolves into a story which uplifts the human spirit. It takes us on an emotional journey of three men from three generations who unknowingly interact, cause significant changes in each other's lives, and ultimately learn what it takes to find happiness inside.  By letting go of their respective emotional "baggage," all of these characters are introduced to a newfound freedom and infinite possibilities for the rest of their lives.