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(aka(aka "Girl Fever")

Sam (Chad Donella), our romantic hero, is in love with Hope (Erinn Bartlett), a girl who has suddenly lost her smile.  Something terrible has happened to deeply sadden her, and Sam is determined to put a smile back on her face.  The trouble is, Hope resides in an all-female building where 100 Women live.  And NO male has ever been allowed on the premises.

"One hundred women... And I can make
 ninety-nine of them laugh... But I can't 
 even get the girl I love to smile."
At the opening of the story, this is what freshly-college-graduated Sam thinks as he stands surrounded by ninety-nine women, their smiles contrasting his forlorn face.  At the end of 100 WOMEN, we will return to this image of Sam standing, surrounded by all of these smiling women, and we will discover how all of these girls help him to win the heart of the one hundredth girl (is it Hope?)

But for now, we begin with Sam telling his story of how he came to search for one beautiful girl's lost smile.  It all starts with the worst day of Sam's life.

Dozens of beautiful charcoal drawings of a nude female model hang on the walls except for Sam's drawing.  It sucks.  And it's no wonder.  Sam is such a loser with women that he thought the only way he would ever even see a girl naked was if he enrolled in a college art class for nude drawing.  It's a bad time to have your artwork suck because this is the senior portfolio review at Sam's university.  Regarding his drawings, Sam is told by the art professor that he has no talent, no future and that he has wasted four years of his collegiate life.

Worst of all, the art professor tells Sam that he is a "Poor observer of women."  This hurts because Sam knows this is his big problem.  He "doesn't get women," which is exactly what his girlfriend tells Sam when she breaks up with him after class.

As Sam begs his ex-girlfriend for a second chance, his portfolio breaks open and a gust of wind sends all of his drawings flying all over the place.  Sam tries to grab his drawings but they're floating everywhere.  He steps out into the street to grab a sketch.  A city bus approaches and Sam momentarily thinks:  If I don't move, that bus will hit me and my misery will be over.

"I believe you've lost your smile."

A beautiful young woman repeats this line when Sam steps back onto the curb.  "I believe you've lost your smile."  For a moment, Sam thinks the woman, Hope, refers to his sad face, but she's not.  She has one of Sam's life drawings from art class -- a sketch of a smile.  "I think you're going to need this."  This makes Sam smile as he takes the drawing back. 

She smiles back.  She has an incredible smile.  They share a coffee and laugh for hours.  And then she is gone.

Having wasted four years of college, Sam can only get a job as a lowly delivery guy for a convenience store.  When he makes a run to the all-female Susan B. Anthony building, he discovers that he is delivering to Hope.  It's been a few months and Hope has changed.  She's lost her smile.  She's so depressed she won't leave her apartment.  And she refuses to tell Sam what's wrong.

Sam makes it his goal to make this girl smile again.  She made him smile during his darkest hour.  He needs to do the same for her.  Every time Sam makes a delivery to the woman's residence, he tries to make Hope laugh, but always fails.  Sam asks her neighbors about what happened to her to make her so sad.  One woman tells him that one day Hope arrived at their building all smiles, but by the time she reached her apartment, she was in tears.  Something happened in the building to devastate her.

Sam sets out to solve this mystery in hopes that by finding the answer, he can find a way to make Hope happy again.  He's had a crush on her ever since the worst day of his life when she made him smile.  If he can save her from her sadness, she just might fall for him.  Sam investigates and befriends all of the other 99 women in the building as a means of solving his big mystery.

Sam encounters every type of woman imaginable:  the career woman, the party girl, the ex-girlfriend, the older woman, and the girl going for M.R.S degree.  There's even the goth chick and the prick tease, the earth girl, the catholic girl, the rich girl, and the girl who cleans in the nude.  And, of course, several of the dorm mates from the "Virgin Vault" (from 100 GIRLS) reside here too.

Delivering to the building is not that easy.  After pissing off the live-in security guard, RUFUS -- the epitome of everything bad about the male species (his toe nails are so long that he can use his foot as a rake), Sam is banned from the Susan B. Anthony.  He has to sneak around Rufus to make deliveries and meet girls in his quest for clues.

Sam doesn't get much support from Jack, his buddy and manager of the convenience store who has given up on love, unless you count the various auto-erotic encounters he has with different pieces of "merchandise" he stocks in his store.

Sam's romantic detective work enables him to learn about one hundred women and discover the secrets of what makes them happy and sad in this sexy, romantic comedy 100 WOMEN.

Actors Chad Donella and Erin Bartlett with Producer Terence Michael

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