Matthew observes the babes on campus

Matthew runs through a crowd of girls during a blackout

Jonathan Tucker ("Matthew") gets direction from Michael Davis

Matthew, surrounded by 100 candles

Matthew in his hazmat suit

Matthew studies Dora

The infamous foosball battle.
From L to R: Matthew, Arlene, Dana, The Janeites, Crick, and Flick

Rod and Matthew plan how to get into the girls' dorm

The Janeites, Matthew, and Dana get instruction from the director

Rod and Matthew in Ms. Stern's feminist classroom

Sasha and Matthew in the Purple Room

Matthew laughs at Rod's depiction of women

Matthew and Rod take a moment to think outside their dorm

Matthew and Rod wait for the girls to arrive

Matthew and Larisa enjoy the dorm steps

What is Jonathan up to?  Is he breaking in to the girls' dorm?

The results of today's foosball match!

Matthew looses his shirt

Matthew is surrounded by 3 babes.  Just 97 more around the corner

Matthew knows he'll soon be a lucky guy

Matthew, after a hard day of searching for the mystery girl

Arlene and Matthew finally meet

Matthew explains his dilema to Wendy

Francesca?  What's she doing on this page?

The Janeites share a moment with Matthew

If only he knew.  Matthew's dream girl is right THERE! BEHIND THE BASKET!

Jonathan Tucker takes a break from "Matthew" to help the crew

Jonathan Tucker and Terence Michael wait for the next shot

Matthew searches for clues in Dora's lingerie-littered room

Matthew carries boxes for Cynthia, the goddess

James DeBello and Jonathan Tucker outside the cast trailers

Matthew and Crick meet for the Thumb Wrestle
100 Girls Home