Wendy enjoys the Spring sun outside her dorm

Wendy and Matthew are caught snuggling

Did Wendy burp at dinner with Matthew?

Wendy responds to Matthew's newspaper ad.  Is she the one?

It's all fun and games until someone gets... a FEATHER in the eye

Larisa Oleynik ("Wendy") gets direction from Michael Davis

Matthew and Wendy share a laugh before a serious conversation

Wendy smiles at Matthew.  Is she the mystery girl?

Wendy and Matthew bond outside her dorm at night

Wendy waits for Matthew to arrive for their picnic

Wendy listens to Matt's struggle to find his mystery girl.
Is she hiding something?

Wendy has fun with Matt

Wendy and Matt have a serious discussion about college life

Larisa Oleynik awaits last minute adjustments from Michael Davis (director)